Welcome to github.dspeed.eu 👋

DIREKTSPEED Software and Cloud Platform a brand of Frank Lemanschik a Leading Software and Hardware Consultant from Europe with over 30+ years expirence.

He offers a comprehensive suite of support and integration services to enhance the speed and quality of any Software Development or deployment Process — regardless of which Platforms and Architectures you chose to target. Whether you sourced from the Diffrent Stealify Supported Projects, or from another commercial and or Opensource vendor, DIREKTSPEED combines deep expertise in Linux/Windows/FuchsiaOS/Android so that can help with the delivery of awsome commercial solutions.

Also he is known for his expertise in event stream processing on large scale in distributed environments where failures do exist.

We also offer the Fastest Cloud and Database Solutions compared to any Compitor you name it. We do not need to List any one here. Your invited to test us and benchmark it we like the challenges. We masure consistent Weekly against most popular Cloud and Database Providers as also Development Workflows and Frameworks.

If you want to create and run Top Notch Software with less Administrativ Operational Overhead and much faster time to market via uncompare able Software Deployment and Execution Speed you found the right Partner.

This github projects and pages do in fact work as a demo and also production endpoint at the same time as we connect cloud providers indipendent from the hosting backend it is no security issue to host this on github and use directly the github project and organisational pages as entrance even to production apps. And as everything here is top notch modular a git clone allows you to self host no additional problems or obfusications attached everything open for auditing!